[Leak]ASUS GeForce GTX760 DirectCU II OC Graphics card specifications and pricing

A price-aggregation website has spotted the first real real leak on the upcoming NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 video card or atleast it appears to be. The leak shows price and specification of the upcoming ASUS GeForce GTX 760 DirectCU II OC card.


Although the card was not pictured but the name and the price was there with some partial specifications.


Some of the partially leaked specifications include specifications included:

  • a 28nm GK104
  • 1,152 CUDA cores
  • 96 TMUs
  • 32 ROPs
  • and a 256-bit wide memory interface holding 2GB of memory.

Now talking about the most important part, the price – the card was listed for the price of 264€ ($353 USD) before VAT and 316€ ($422 USD) after VAT.


Source: http://www.tweaktown.com/news/31125/leakedtt-asus-geforce-760-directcu-ii-oc-video-card-specs-and-pricing-seen-on-retail-sites/index.html
Source2: http://geizhals.at/eu/asus-gtx760-dc2oc-2gd5-directcu-ii-oc-90yv04l2-m0na00-a962309.html


AMD plans to introduce the new ARM based serer chips

AMD planned big. If everything goes in right direction, we will see AMD releasing its first ARM-based CPU in the first half of 2014. AMD, the main rival of Intel, currently  best known for it’s APUs is said to be preparing the first-ever ARM CPU as we write this news.


Codenamed ‘Seattle’ the chip, based on a similar ARM architecture to that is currently used in smartphones and tablets could bring revolution to the exiting server as well as mainstream PC market.

We should also remember that this is not the first time that some company have introduced ARM processor in the server market. Applied Micro Circuits did something similar with their X-Gene “server-on-a-chip,” and financially  it worked out fairly well. As for AMD only time will tell whether it will improve the condition of a currently struggling company.


Source: http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2013/06/17/amd-prepares-move-to-seattle-its-first-arm-chip/

[Leak]AMD Radeon HD 8970 pictures leaked

Leak! Yes flocks, we have another leak regarding AMD product. This time their top end future card HD8970 pictures has been leaked. But don’t get too much excited about the new card. Not yet.


Already there are specifications on the website of AMD about it. Those spaces put it on the same level with their HD 7970. So there is nothing to care about this new HD 8970.


Now, after analyzing the published specification, we should really expect a refresh of HD7970 if not of the whole series and nothing that is architecturally new from this new HD8970.


Source: http://www.hardcoreware.net/rumor-amd-radeon-8970/

Corsair reveal new Carbide 540 chassis at Computex

Corsair has released a new Carbide series chassis- The Carbide 540. It have dual chambers – the first one Corsair have ever made of. One of the chamberis intended for processor, motherboard, graphics card and all other addon cards. The other chamber is made for the PSU, storage compontnts.

corsair_reveal_new_carbide_540_chassis_at_computexOfficial website of Corsair says that,

The unconventional design of Carbide Series Air 540 utilizes dual chambers to deliver cooler air to your CPU, graphics cards, motherboard, and memory without your drives or power supply getting in the way. The included custom Air Series AF140L intake and exhaust fans provide great airflow performance at lower noise levels than typical case fans. And, you can mount up to six 120mm or five 140mm fans, with 280mm top radiator support and room for a 360mm radiator on the front panel.


Technical Specifications:

  • Dual-chamber Direct Airflow Path™ design for outstanding cooling potential
  • Clever, space-saving design still offers lots of internal volume
  • Includes three High Performance Air Series AF140L fans for better, quieter cooling
  • Tons of expansion room for high performance air cooling and liquid cooling
  • Full side panel window
  • Front dust filter
  • Black interior
  • Cable routing cutouts with rubber grommets
  • CPU cutout in motherboard tray for easy CPU cooler swap-out
  • Dual front USB 3.0 ports with internal connector
  • Headphone, Microphone front ports
  • Eight expansion slots for quad GPU installations
  • Fan Mount Locations:
  • Front: 2 x 140mm (included), 3 x 120mm (pre-spaced for radiators)
  • Top: 2 x 140mm or 2 x 120mm (pre-spaced for radiators)
  • Rear: 1 x 140mm (included) or 1 x 120mm
  • Dual 3.5” hot swap bays
  • Four 2.5” tool-free SSD drive cages
  • Maximum GPU Length 320mm
  • Maximum CPU Cooler Height 170mm
  • Maximum PSU length 200mm

Officially priced at $139.99 we do not know anything the time from when it would be available.

Official Page: http://www.corsair.com/us/pc-cases/carbide-series-pc-case/carbide-series-air-540-high-airflow-atx-cube-case.html


BitFenix enters in the audio Market – Flo Headset is their first production

BitFenix have unveiled their first audio product in Computex Tapei 2013, marking their entrance to the audio market.

What they have to offer? Flo Headsets. The headsets featuring 40mm Neodymium drivers comtain precision-tuned acoustic chambers and more.


The headset have a self-adjustable standard headband, detachable microphone, and standard volume and mute control. The added feature being the SofTouch Surface Technology of Bitfenix.


They do not have too much bass like gaming headsets but don’t underestimate it as a cheap headset. It is not.


Source: http://www.tweaktown.com/news/30780/bitfenix-enter-the-audio-game-with-their-new-flo-headsets/index.html
Picture Courtesy: http://www.tweaktown.com/news/30780/bitfenix-enter-the-audio-game-with-their-new-flo-headsets/index.html

Corsair launch Vengeance Pro Series DDR3 RAM

Corsair have launched a new line of DDR3 RAM named Vengeance Pro RAM for extreme overclockers, enthusiasts and pro uses.

corsair_launch_vengeance_pro_series_ddr3_ramThis new Vengeance Pro RAM series speed ranges from 1600MHz to 2933MHz and capacity ranges from 8GB (2x4GB) to 64GB (8x8GB).

corsair_launch_vengeance_pro_series_ddr3_ram_2corsair_launch_vengeance_pro_series_ddr3_ram_3Corsair have mentioned that the RAM ICs are ‘specifically selected for speed and overclocking headroom.’ All the kits also have lifetime warranty. Nothing is mentioned about price & availibility from their end.


Source: http://www.tweaktown.com/news/30753/corsair-launches-new-vengeance-pro-series-of-ddr3-ram-at-computex-taipei-2013/index.html

Start Button solution fow Windows 8 – Microsoft’s Sculpt Mobile Mouse and Sculpt Comfort Mouse

There are many users who are skeptical about the lack of Start button in Windows 8. Well, Microsoft have come up with a solution.

Microsoft just announced two mice with Start Button in it – for the first time in the history of mouse designing. The Sculpt Mobile Mouse and Sculpt Comfort Mouse marks the first time Redmond has made a pointing device with a hotkey for the Windows 8 Start screen. It will work just as the Windows Button present in the keyboard.



It can also be used to return to the desktop. That Comfort Mouse’s Start button is at the left – making it perfectly designed for right handed users, which might cause a problem for left handed users.

For connectivity, the Mobile Mouse requires a dongle, whereas the Comfort uses Bluetooth.

Source: http://blogs.windows.com/windows/b/windowsexperience/archive/2013/05/23/announcing-sculpt-comfort-mouse-amp-mobile-mouse.aspx