Steam introduces subscription based gaming

In a press release earlier today, Valve have just created a feature of subscription-based games. The first game on the subscription side is called Darkfall Unholy Wars.For those who are don’t have information abou the game, it is a PvP focused MMO from Aventurine.


Gamers can now subscribe to MMOs games on Steam and manage recurring payments to those games using the Steam itself. The press release says:

With Subscription Plans, Steam offers gamers the ability to sign up and manage payments for subscription-based games on Steam. […] Steam customers may now sign-up for, manage, cancel or renew game Subscription Plans at any time, online directly through Steam.

Valve have also promised that more and more subscription-based games will be coming up in near future.



Announcement official link:


PS4’s few feature – 8GB RAM was kept secret from third-party developers, but not anymore

It was not before the unveiling of Sony’s PlayStation 4 that third-party developers discovered that there is 8GB of GDDR5 RAM inside of the machine. Previously they were told that the PS4 would come out with 4GB of GDDR5 when they received development kits long before the unveiling.


Just Add Water’s CEO Stewart Gilray, who is developing a title for PlayStation 4, revealed that the third-parties were initially told that the console would feature only 4GB of RAM, and were happily shocked to see the console’s specs discussed on stage. He told:

We were told [PS4] was 4GB originally. And we first knew it had 8GBs when Mark said at the event’s stage, ‘And it has 8GB of memory.’ We’d had kits at that point for a good while.

He suspects that a few of the bigger, first-party developers knew the correct specification of PS4 before the PS4 unveiling. He continues:

It’s a fantastic amount of memory. especially DDR5 memory, because it’s so fast you don’t have to have everything there at once. You can swap it in and out instantly, effectively. But when they said 8GB it was like, ‘Ooookay.



Only 29% of core gamers will buy next-gen consoles at launch says a research firm

According to the latest report from a research firm – NPD Group, a mare 29% of core gamers will purchase next-gen consoles at launch. A lowly 29% adoption rate shouldn’t be shocking because both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 have their own huge user-bases and the move between different versions will take time. These consumers – purchase things often, new games, in-game content, DLC packs and more on a regular basis just to get the taste of latest content.

Only_29_percent_of_core_gamers_will_buy_next_gen consoles_at_launch_says_a_research_firm

Investing another $500-plus on next-gen consoles, a Full HD capable display or TV if they didn’t already – in order to fully experience next-gen consoles,
and a slew of new games is all daunting to well-established core gamers.

The figures come from NDP Group polling over 6,000 people in a survey, with just 887 of qualifying for their definition of a ‘core gamer’. Their definition of a core gamer is someone who is over 9 years old and plays games for five or more hours each week on the Xbox 360, PS3, PC or Mac.

Furthermore, they must play at least one game that fits into any of the following genres: play action, adventure, fighting, flight, massively multi-player, racing, real time strategy, role-playing, shooter or sports game.



Battlefield 4 confirmed for next-gen consoles

EA has laid off a number of developers in the Montreal and Los Angeles areas, as part of what EA labels president Frank Gibeau terms the “complex and challenging experience” of transiting console generations. Naturally, he’s tremendously upbeat about the publisher’s prospects as a whole, touting the virtues of Battlefield 4 in particular.


In a blog post over at, Gibeau hailed the power of next generation gaming technology and discussed how the publisher would adapt to succeed on new platforms. “For EA’s creative teams, this transition comes as no surprise,” he began.



ORIGIN launched in game support client

ORIGIN announced a new way to contact their customer support on-the-fly. The new method is a bit different from the customer support of any other company. Here you can reach for technical support while in-game or on your desktop? Sounds unconventional? Let’s check this one out.


Apart from contacting support, the client will allow users to chat with friends, take screenshots and video, and live broadcast your gameplay. Sounds fascinating, right? A nice feature of being able to contact support in-game is the ability to be looking at exactly what isn’t working while talking to support.

Kevin Wasielewski, CEO and co-founder of ORIGIN PC said in a release:

ORIGIN PC’s focus has always been to provide the best PC experience to our customers and we are proud to continue our legacy of providing the best support in the PC industry. Thanks to the great client from the Xfire team, ORIGIN Nexus makes it even more convenient for our customers to contact us without ever having to leave their game, and we’re really excited to be the first and only company to offer this new level of support in our industry.

Technical chat is available to all users during normal business hours. This means you can reach out to the in-game support team from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST. More information about the new feature can be found on the ORIGIN Webpage.

Leaked: Rumored specs on the PlayStation 4 – what to expect

We already heard that the next-generation PlayStation 4 was set to be more powerful than the next-generation Xbox, but now we have found some better details (leaked) on the exact hardware being baked into the next-gen console.


Both the next generation PlayStation – and its Xbox competitor – feature eight-core CPUs clocked at 1.6GHz according to sources trusted by Digital Foundry.
The main processor architecture driving both consoles is said to be derived the new “Jaguar” technology currently in development by AMD which are said to be low-power processor cores designed for the entry-level laptop and tablet market and thus offering an excellent ratio between power consumption and performance. This is a perfect solution as console power consumption is a huge problem, and looks like it will be solved in the PlayStation 4. The PC bound Jaguar technology from AMD is set to ship after 8-9 months, but next-generation consoles are looking to double the number of cores with some customization to the main architecture.

The PlayStation 4, will also feature a high-end Radeon HD as GPU. Looking at the mobile GPUs from AMD, “Pitcairn” design, or 7970M, could provide strong graphics solution in terms of performance, power consumption and die-size. 7970M runs at 850MHz, features 20 of AMD’s “Graphics Core Next” compute units. But in this case ‘Orbis’ will take off 10% of that number, offering GCN compute unit count to 18, and the core clock mildly downclocks to 800MHz.

However, there’s a fair amount of “secret sauce” in Orbis and we can disclose details on one of the more interesting additions. Paired up with the eight AMD cores, we find a bespoke GPU-like “Compute” module, designed to ease the burden on certain operations – physics calculations are a good example of traditional CPU work that are often hived off to GPU cores. We’re assured that this is bespoke hardware that is not a part of the main graphics pipeline but we remain rather mystified by its standalone inclusion, bearing in mind Compute functions could be run off the main graphics cores and that devs could have the option to utilize that power for additional graphical grunt, if they so chose.

Not this is some serious gaming potential!

We should begin to get excited, as this is going to inject some serious graphics awesomeness into the PC gaming market – and it’s about time.