AMD plans to introduce the new ARM based serer chips

AMD planned big. If everything goes in right direction, we will see AMD releasing its first ARM-based CPU in the first half of 2014. AMD, the main rival of Intel, currently  best known for it’s APUs is said to be preparing the first-ever ARM CPU as we write this news.


Codenamed ‘Seattle’ the chip, based on a similar ARM architecture to that is currently used in smartphones and tablets could bring revolution to the exiting server as well as mainstream PC market.

We should also remember that this is not the first time that some company have introduced ARM processor in the server market. Applied Micro Circuits did something similar with their X-Gene “server-on-a-chip,” and financially  it worked out fairly well. As for AMD only time will tell whether it will improve the condition of a currently struggling company.




[Leak]AMD Radeon HD 8970 pictures leaked

Leak! Yes flocks, we have another leak regarding AMD product. This time their top end future card HD8970 pictures has been leaked. But don’t get too much excited about the new card. Not yet.


Already there are specifications on the website of AMD about it. Those spaces put it on the same level with their HD 7970. So there is nothing to care about this new HD 8970.


Now, after analyzing the published specification, we should really expect a refresh of HD7970 if not of the whole series and nothing that is architecturally new from this new HD8970.



[Rumor]AMD prepares for significant price-cut on current products

Advanced Micro Devices, commonly known as AMD – reportedly plans to lower the price of its current Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) and CPUs significantly somethime in next month. This price-cut in coming when they are preparing for the launch of products with better performance in June.


The rumor is that AMD will reduce the price of its multi-core FX-series CPUs aimed at performance-mainstream desktops
as well as A-series Fusion APUs for mainstream PCs  in April. DigiTimes website reports that such chips as AMD A8-5600K (Trinity), FX-8320, FX-6300 and FX-4300 (Vishera) will see 8-15% price-cuts.

This month AMD started to sell several Fusion A-series code-named Richland APUs which is also known as Trinity 2.0 for notebooks. It is believed that AMD intends to unveil new APUs for desktops in late May or early June.

The price-cuts are also expected to help AMD slightly boost its market share.




AMD CEO says that the company will return to profitability later this year

AMD aren’t doing so well right now, compared to other giants such as Intel or Apple’s latest financial results, but according to the reports, CEO Rory Read has outlined the company’s three-phase restructuring plan to bring the company back to profitability by the second half of this year.


Read said the turnaround is expected to take several quarter and involves a complete restructuring of how the company runs its business. Furthermore, AMD plans to deliver a new set of powerful products this year and will begin transitioning the company to take advantage of high-growth opportunities in other markets where their intellectual property could provide others with a competitive advantage.

Those ‘other’ markets include things like custom silicon, servers, the embedded space and ultra-low-power products like gaming consoles. Read told investors that AMD has already scored solid design wins for semi-custom APUs and embedded products and that we can expect to see products using those designs later this year. Having won contracts to have their products in every single next-gen gaming console, this is a huge, huge uptick for AMD and they hopes to collect 20 percent of their revenue from these alternate markets by the end of this year.

Read also talked about spending cuts related to the company’s research and development efforts.But this doesn’t sound good at all. Some of the industry watchers have been concerned that AMD is cutting this segment too deep but according to Read, they are taking expense management steps at all levels of the business. He said the cuts to R&D are designed to help improve efficiency and productivity by doing things like reusing intellectual property and utilizing fewer process technologies.
I think it’s to stem huge losses, which might help in the short term, but in the long term? Let’s hope AMD can swing things around.