Google planning to launch a HTML5 website development tool

Google planning to release a new HTML5 based web development tool designed for ‘creative professionals.’ This new toolkit will launch within next few months. It will be a free tool.

google_planning_to_launch_a_html5_website_development_toolGoogle have said that this toolkit, known as Google Web Designer, would be able to create ‘cutting-edge advertising’ and web content like websites and web based applications. This announcement was made through Google’s DoubleClick. Thus it is obvious that with this new tool advertising is Google’s main focus.




BitFenix enters in the audio Market – Flo Headset is their first production

BitFenix have unveiled their first audio product in Computex Tapei 2013, marking their entrance to the audio market.

What they have to offer? Flo Headsets. The headsets featuring 40mm Neodymium drivers comtain precision-tuned acoustic chambers and more.


The headset have a self-adjustable standard headband, detachable microphone, and standard volume and mute control. The added feature being the SofTouch Surface Technology of Bitfenix.


They do not have too much bass like gaming headsets but don’t underestimate it as a cheap headset. It is not.


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Corsair launch Vengeance Pro Series DDR3 RAM

Corsair have launched a new line of DDR3 RAM named Vengeance Pro RAM for extreme overclockers, enthusiasts and pro uses.

corsair_launch_vengeance_pro_series_ddr3_ramThis new Vengeance Pro RAM series speed ranges from 1600MHz to 2933MHz and capacity ranges from 8GB (2x4GB) to 64GB (8x8GB).

corsair_launch_vengeance_pro_series_ddr3_ram_2corsair_launch_vengeance_pro_series_ddr3_ram_3Corsair have mentioned that the RAM ICs are ‘specifically selected for speed and overclocking headroom.’ All the kits also have lifetime warranty. Nothing is mentioned about price & availibility from their end.



Start Button solution fow Windows 8 – Microsoft’s Sculpt Mobile Mouse and Sculpt Comfort Mouse

There are many users who are skeptical about the lack of Start button in Windows 8. Well, Microsoft have come up with a solution.

Microsoft just announced two mice with Start Button in it – for the first time in the history of mouse designing. The Sculpt Mobile Mouse and Sculpt Comfort Mouse marks the first time Redmond has made a pointing device with a hotkey for the Windows 8 Start screen. It will work just as the Windows Button present in the keyboard.



It can also be used to return to the desktop. That Comfort Mouse’s Start button is at the left – making it perfectly designed for right handed users, which might cause a problem for left handed users.

For connectivity, the Mobile Mouse requires a dongle, whereas the Comfort uses Bluetooth.


This summer Dell plan to release two Haswell based Latitude notebooks

Two new Haswell CPU based Ultrabooks are coming up during this summer. A leaked road map of Dell point to two new E700 Latitude series Ultrabooks. The roadmap also shows that those ultrabooks will also feature 12.5-inch display.


The first one of those two ultrabooks being the E7240, which is reported to be weighting at 2.9 pounds. It will also have either a 1366×768 or 1920×1080 touchscreen display. The size being 12.2″x8.3″x0.79″ and it will feature Intel Haswell i3, i5 or i7 processor.


Next one in the line is the E7440 with a 14″ display with optional touchscreen feature. Sized at 13.3″x9.1″x0.83″ it weights  3.5 pounds. Other features are just same as E7240.



Sony Xperia Tablet Z available for preorder with an introductory offer

The Sony Xperia Tablet Z which features a ‘Full HD Reality Display’, is available for pre-order. The incredibly thin, IR-sporting 10.1-inch device provides us with a 1920×1080 WUXGA (full HD) screen.


This Jelly Bean running tablet consists of 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro processor with 2GB RAM, a 2MP camera up front, and an 8MP camera in the rear.

To help up-sell these $499.99 16GB black model, Sony is throwing in a free cradle accessory to customers that pre-order a $599.99 32GB model in white. Pre-orders must be done by May 24 to be eligible for a free cradle.



Corsair involved in talks with Francisco Partners for a possible buyout

A recently submitted regulatory filing suggests that Francisco Partners are currently in talks with Corsair about a possible buyout. This scenario comes after Corsair indefinitely postponed an IPO after the flop of the Facebook IPO. At the same time they have said that they would

relaunch when equity conditions are more favorable.


Now it appears that they are possibly choosing a buyout over an IPO. Corsair could be heavily affected by the current downturn in the PC market, resulting in the need for a new way of cash infusion. Francisco Partners was part of the Blackstone Group who decided to not make a formal buyout offer for Dell.

It is possible that nothing could come of these talks. On the other hand, Corsair could end up being sold out, which will result in changes within the company or in the products they currently sell.