Free 25 cents for 30 min of work – only paypal allowed

Want to earn $0.25 in 2 days (which involves only 30 min of total work )?

Follow the steps:

1. Register in a browser based game by clicking in this link:
2. See the top right corner of the screen, complete all missions in the first day. Do NOT fight. Give foods or gifts to new players like you via ‘Motivate New Citizen‘ tab. Do NOT eat food on the first day. To complete mission eat only 1 gift on the first day.
3. The 1day process takes max 10 min to complete.
4. Login on the 2nd day (or anyday after 1st day), complete all missions. ‘Motivate‘ 5 new guys. Buy 2 special items, ‘Steroid‘ and ‘Vacation‘. Use Q5 foods and Q1 weapons. If needed Use Q5 gifts. Fight in ‘Practice battle’. Do fight only the existing top damage is <200K.
5. Fire all!! fight fight & fight. convert all gold to your local currency by which you will buy foods, weapons. Fight till a message comes, ‘Your level is too high to fight here’.

Hey, you job is done!!
Just send me an email containing your nick in the game & Paypal email ID.Payment will be sent in 20 working hours. No mass payment.
So, total time taken: 20 minutes, max 30 min. 😉


1. Only 1 account per person is allowed.
2. You can use TOR if the gaming site is blocked by your internet service provider.
3. If you wish to play the game after that with the account you have made, you would not receive any more payments.
4. This offer is open to all people from countries.

Good luck!!


Edit on 24/05/2014: Just sent payment to 100th candidate.
Edit on 05/06/2014: Total candidates paid till date: 148.