Rumor: Ivy Bridge-E may have been pushed to Q4

14 months after the release of Sandy Bridge-E processors Intel was supposed to release their Ivy Bridge-E replacements this year. But according to Fudzilla, the chips will arrive later than expected. Their sources claim that Ivy Bridge-E, which was supposed to debut in the third quarter, has been pushed toward the end of the year.


Intel’s Haswell based desktop processors should launch in June, so Ivy Bridge-E would have followed them even if there were no change to the schedule.
That timing may make Ivy Bridge-E a tough sell for high-end desktop systems. Who wants to buy last year’s microarchitecture when the next-generation hotness is already available?

If Intel continues at this pace, it will take quite a while before we see Haswell-E in action.



2 responses to “Rumor: Ivy Bridge-E may have been pushed to Q4

  1. My opinion: Intel should skip IB-E. They have already released their 8/16 processor with SB-E. Haswell is knocking the door. So why would anyone want IB-E, based on a socket which will probably be dead within next 6 months?
    Unless, Intel have some extreme profiteering idea in their mind.

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