BlackBerry Z10 receives first update – battery life fix, low light photography and performance improvement for 3rd party apps

Software and firmware updates are something we all have grown accustomed to over last few years. Now BlackBerry Z10 owners are getting the experience of their first updates on the new BlackBerry 10 mobile operating system.

blackberry_z10_receives_first_update_battery_life_fix, low_light_photography_and _performance_improvement_for_3rd_party_apps

Update version was released this morning and pushed out as an OTA update. The update fixes issues with battery life, and features 60+ optimizations that can help to extend the battery life even further. Developers will also see better performance from their apps as the update includes some tweaks to make everything run better and faster.

The development team at BlackBerry has made some significant improvements on how well the image sensor processes low light photos. The photos are now brighter, more vibrant and sharper the previously seen photos. The update is roughly 150MB and is available on some carriers now, with a worldwide roll out gradually taking place over the next few weeks.



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