Reported: iOS 6.1.1 being rushed out by Apple to fix 3G issues, other bugs

It is being reported that Apple is rushing out the iOS 6.1.1 update to address issues with 3G connectivity and other bugs. After every major iOS release for what feels like forever, but the latest 6.1 release certainly seems to have more than its fair share if detractors.

Degraded battery life was part of a new release.  Carriers such as Vodafone in the UK warn its customers not to update their iPhone 4S’s to Apple’s latest version of iOS.  Citing a 3G data issue post update, Vodafone has asked users to hold off updating while Apple works on a fix.  That fix may be just around the corner according to one German blog called iFun.


When Apple pushes out iOS 6.1.1, it’s recommended not to upgrade if you have a jail-broken device until the developers confirm it won’t break the jailbreak.

Update 1: Apple has just pushed out iOS 6.1.1 for iPhone 4S with bug fixes.


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