Website lists ASUS GTX Titan for sale – costs $1,599

There are rumors spreading around which says a new card coming from NVIDIA – based upon the GK110 GPU. The GK110 GPU powers some of NVIDIA’s Tesla workstation GPUs. The rumors also say that NVIDIA is planning to release the GPU to counter whatever new offerings that AMD comes up with with their upcoming HD8000 series.

A leaked posting for the new graphics card puts the price tag at $1,599. The GPU is listed online at an Australian online retailer named Austin Computers. The final retailing price might not be the same in the United States, but it should give us a good indication of the range of the possible pricing. Furthermore, some of the specifications were also listed in the title bar of hat product page.


The aforementioned card features a PCI-E 3.0 interface, 6GB of VRAM, and a 512-bit RAM interface. Previous rumors had placed the RAM at 6GB on a 384-bit memory bus. Clocks are listed as 915MHz with a boost to 1019.


Link to product page:


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