Android 4.x adoption is getting closer to 50% now, 2.3 still have the largest share

Android Developers Dashboard has reported the share of all devices running each version of Android as of February 4, 2013. These numbers are measured based on the number of users accessing Google Play within a 14 day period, which is a more or less a correct indication of devices being actively used.


It can be seen from above chart that,  Android 4.x and higher is nearing the 50-percent mark, at 42.6-percent currently. Gingerbread is still sitting at the top spot at 45.6-percent, but the point is nearing where device running Gingerbread will be overtaken by versions with the new design language.

As we can see in the graph, the share of Gingerbread devices is slowly but surely decreasing, making way for a notably quick Jelly Bean advancement.




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