[Rumor] iOS 7 to launch alongside the fifth-generation iPad

We’re going to see Apple launch a completely redesigned iOS in the near future, but it is rumored that Apple will release iOS 7 with the fifth-generation iPad.


Back in September, KitGuru broke the story that Apple was looking at some serious issues regarding box labelling around the time that the Lightning-enabled devices started to launch.
The fifth-generation iPad!! Yes, you really have read that right. We only saw the release of the third-generation iPad last year, and late last year we saw the release of the fourth-generation iPad. What can we expect from the fifth-gen iPad? Well, word into KitGuru is that the new iPad 5 will have a 10″ screen. Which is a ‘Whoop!’ moment for customers and an ‘OMG’ moment for anyone with a warehouse full of covers etc that will no longer fit.

Thinner, lighter, wider are just 3 of the key selling points to the iPad 5. Here’s a breakdown of what you will have that’s different:-

No sooner had you worried over whether to leave iOS5 with Google Maps or move across to the ‘better’ iOS6 with Apple Maps, than the choice will be taken away. Tim Cook & Co will be erasing past mistakes with a complete new OS.

We can expect a better and updated processor, which means that you will have a faster, better experience – without losing out on battery life. Multitasking on iOS does not feel intuitive compared to Android’s superior multitasking. We should expect some more tricks and features in iOS 7

Now the word ‘cost’ comes up in the mind. While there are some concerns about how much using 4G will cost, but it is obvious that any future which contains a much faster/more stable mobile internet is a good thing in our books.

Yet again, Apple will push the envelope. Spurred on my any side-by-side comparison which shows Apple behind Samsung et al, the new device will feature the largest ever iPad Retina Display. Competition mattes most. Doesn’t it?

The biggest issue.. the priceing. Expect the new ipad 5 to come in at almost exactly the same price points as the iPad 3/4. In the post-Jobs era, Apple will struggle to command a massive premium against Android 5 opposition – so this iPad is really the last one that won’t have to be too concerned about being price-competitive.

Now, at last, what’s Missing? At some point in the future, it would be nice to run full versions of the desktop/laptop software on an iPad. With the way that ARM has been pushing forward on the 64-bit front with AMD – we expect this in the near future. At this point of time, we shouldn’t have long to wait. We should start to hear more just after Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month.

Source: http://www.techspot.com/news/51422-amd-chief-says-company-will-return-to-profitability-later-this-year.html


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