Mega Goes Down As 250,000 Users Sign Up


Earlier today Kim Dotcom and his team decided to open up Mega to the public.

Soon after the announcement thousands of people registered an account, every minute.

“I have never seen anything like this. From 0 to 10 Gigabit bandwidth utilization within 10 minutes” Dotcom wrote in a tweet.


A few hours later user-count of Mega hit 250,000.

Unfortunately, the site’s servers can’t cope up with the demand. And now, Mega is suffering frequent downtime.

Kim Dotcom doesn’t appear to be worried and says things should be fine after the initial frenzy is over. Dotcom says “The guys are working on balancing the load”.

In a few hours Mega will launch officially with a Mega press conference.


Update: (7.20am) The site is back, but sluggish.


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