Foremay releases world’s first 2.5″ SATA 2TB SSD

Foremay, an OEM SSD manufacturer, has released (leaked) world’s first 2TB SSD drives with a standard 2.5″ SATA interface. Both new models seem to only be available for OEM and industrial applications though at this stage.

27874_1_foremay_releases_worlds_first_2_5_sata_2tb_ssd_fullSounds too good to be true?
Actually, No.

It’s been relatively easy for awhile to get a solid-state drive with 2TB or more of storage – if you’ve been willing to buy a large PCI Express card, and if you have a lot of money. Foremay is bringing that kind of capacity to a more portable form. It claims that both its TC166 (for end users) and SC199 (industrial) drives are the first to stuff 2TB of flash memory into a 2.5-inch (2.5”) SATA enclosure. The 9.5mm thickness should let them fit into many laptop hard drive bays and space-sensitive machinery without having to give up existing HDD or SSD. Before you plan to reach for a credit card, however, we should warn that:

  1. There aren’t many details and thus we don’t know the performance,
  2. We don’t know how much it costs to buy either model.

We’ve reached out and will get back if there’s firmer details, but at least corporate customers who want speed and ample storage in one drive will be glad to hear that Foremay’s new SSDs are already in mass production.


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