Nividia Project SHIELD. Nvidia’s TEGRA 4 mobile gaming/streaming device

NVIDIA made some serious noise and surprised just about everyone in attendance a couple of days before the official opening of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, with the company’s official

small_tegra-4-sheild-4 small_tegra-4-sheild-5

Unveiling of its next-gen Tegra 4 SoC and a portable gaming device, code-named “Project SHIELD.”
Although it’s easy to categorize Project SHIELD as a portable gaming system, which it is obviously, it’s not right to pigeonhole the device as such because it’s capable of much more than running games. At its heart, SHIELD is a Tegra 4-powered portable Android device with a 5” touch-screen, running a pure version of Jelly Bean, and can run virtually any app or game available in the Google Play Store. The device’s streaming capabilities, however, open up a world of other possibilities and use cases.
In addition to running Android apps and games, SHIELD can also stream content across a local area network from a GeForce GTX-powered Windows PC with very low latency. That’s a boon for PC gamers who may want to do some fragging on a large screen TV, but it will also be useful for streaming videos or other media from a PC.

Read full news here:


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